Our Rehabilitation department promotes independence

At the Long Island State Veterans Home, residents can benefit from a full array of rehabilitation therapies, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.  Each program is designed to maximize and maintain our resident’s functional independence and facilitate a successful community discharge for those admitted for short term rehab.  We are committed to providing the highest quality therapeutic interventions through hiring the most experienced and skilled staff, obtaining state of the art equipment and technology and participating in the education and training of therapy students in the area of geriatrics.

Speech Therapy I've only been here a short time and I've already noticed a big improvement in my leg muscles because of physical therapy. I've started eating food by mouth again since having swallowing therapy. 

The staff does an excellent job.


- Rudy G.



Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Department is staffed with licensed OTR’s experienced and skilled in working with the geriatric resident.  Our dynamic team focuses on maximizing our resident’s activities of daily living (ADL’s) through muscle re-education, strengthening, balance and introduction of adaptive equipment.  The Bioness H200, a neuroprosthetic, is used to assist stroke patients to improve function and reduce spasm.  It can help them reach for objects, pick up a glass and drink or just improve strength in a weakened hand.  Our OT clinic boasts a full working kitchen to provide resident’s wishing to return to the community the ability to work on food preparation and other kitchen management skills during their OT program.  The OT staff may also use the Wii balance system to improve balance, hand eye coordination and function.  For our veteran’s with a goal of discharge to the community, our OT’s can provide a home evaluation to determine what adaption and/or devices are needed for a safe transition.  They can also refer qualified veterans to Northport VAMC to obtain ramps, lifts and other home modifications that may be needed.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy department is unique compared to most skilled nursing facilities in that our experienced Physical Therapists provide all direct treatments as opposed to Assistants or Aides.  We utilize the newest technology to motivate, engage and advance treatment goals.  Some of the devices that our resident may benefit from during PT programs include the Bioness L300, which provides functional electrical stimulation for stroke patients with foot drop, allowing them to walk without using a brace, the Wii sports and balance programs which offers engaging, varied and dynamic balance exercises and feedback that go beyond traditional therapeutic interventions and whirlpool treatments which promote wound healing.  We have recently obtained a pressure mapping system which allows us to accurately measure and compare the pressure individual residents experience on different wheelchair cushions and mattresses, assisting with our selection of surfaces to prevent and heal ulcers as well as maximize comfort.  In addition our PT department facilitates and evaluates veterans to determine if they require custom seating and mobility options.  Those who qualify may be transported to Northport VAMC along with a therapist to obtain high end manual and power wheelchairs with features such as power tilt, rehab seating and custom sizing.

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapy department is staffed with highly trained Speech and Language pathologists who are experienced in the treatment of speech and swallowing disorders.  Veterans with swallowing deficits may benefit from VitalStim Therapy, which is a therapeutic electric stimulator that can improve the function of swallowing muscles, allowing in those with stroke or Parkinson’s disease to eat a more normal diet and possibly have feeding tubes discontinued.  Speech Therapists also strive to improve communication with specially designed exercises or through the training and use of augmentative communication devices.